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November 22nd- 6.30pm-8.30pm at Hello Love, 62-64 Southampton Row, Bloomsbury.

Natural Health Chef workshop with Ranica Kozhipatt, talk and demo. Ranica is a natural Chef, trained at Bauman College, California specializing in nutrition-based, restorative cooking. She is passionate about healthy food and understanding its impact on our bodies. She is currently running pop-up kitchens and catering for events in London.

December 13th- 6.30pm-8.30pm at Hello Love, 62-64 Southampton Row, Bloomsbury.

Please email sophie@victorias-promise.org for more information on the sessions.


The Victoria’s Promise Women’s Network

Stronger together

Bringing together young women exploring the challenges of cancer


Women's Meetups & Events

We welcome new members aged 18-45 who are going through cancer treatment, or recovering to join our friendly women’s network. Cancer can be isolating, but it doesn’t have to be. Connecting with like minded women and realising you’re not alone can be a great help. Each month we have a fun, relaxed meet up with the aim of socialising, learning new skills and enjoying activities. At every meet up we have a different speaker, activity, information and the chance to make new friends.

This group is innovative in its holistic cancer education style. Expect everything from yoga, talks on nutrition, mindfulness, aromatherapy, non toxic beauty tips, art therapy and more. The group is run by our women’s network for the network, everyone is welcome to suggest activities. We currently meet in a beautiful venue and awareness space in central London, Hello Love. If you you or anyone you know would like to join, we’d love to meet you.


Cancer education is a large part of our support focus. We feel it is an essential aspect in learning to live with the disease and recover with vitality. With knowledge we can be equipped and empowered to take control in our own health plan.

There are great benefits that come from making certain lifestyle changes while going through treatment and beyond. Our online ‘Help Hub’ has lifestyle tips on prevention, during treatment and post treatment. We have access to a wider network of professionals whether someone wants to connect with a nutritionist, herbalist or a professional offering complementary services. We are continually researching and learning to provide the best information and contacts we can.

Our Speakers

Sarah Lumley

Sarah Lumley

Nutritional Therapist

Sarah is a nutritional therapist with a desire to help people feel good through her personalised food and lifestyle recommendations. “Following the principles of natural health  –  you can experience total and optimal well being – functioning at your best both physically and mentally for all that life has to offer.”
She qualified at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London and has subsequently completed post graduate courses in Functional Nutrition, Hormone balance, Fertility and PreNatal care, Mindfulness based stress reduction and cancer support.

Sarah’s interests took her to complete Chef affiliated courses as well as those encompassing Macrobiotics, Raw food & Juicing, Gluten Free / Dairy Free / Vegan / Paleo / Cancer recovery & Detox.
She continues to attend seminars and conferences to ensure I am up to date on the latest clinical research and nutritional information.   I am registered with BANT  (The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy) and CNHC (Complementary and Natural Health Council).  I have fulfilled a number of courses run by The Institute for Functional Medicine which embraces integrated health (bridging allopathic and naturopathic medical approaches).

Casey Paul

Casey Paul

Celebrity Stylist and women's confidence

” My mission is to teach, motivate and inspire women to be the most supreme version of themselves outside and inside and for them to sprinkle their supremacy by teaching others to do the same ” – Casey Paul

Casey Paul graduated from university with a degree in law, however it wasn’t long before she realised her true passion lay within fashion and in 2008 began to pursue a career in this field with the launch of her female clothing brand, The Little Wardrobe which can be found in UK concessions.

Now an expert in colour and body shape analysis, Casey has become an accomplished personal and celebrity stylist and shopper. She is also a fashion stylist and consultant working in London and USA and previously was the Style Editor for the mens magazine Loaded. When Casey is not with her personal shopping clients and wardrobe detoxing you will find her styling celebrities for red carpet events, many who make the best dressed lists such as GQ. With her vast expertise she is now a listed fashion consultant for CNN London, appearing on live news contributing to fashion related stories.

The Casey Paul Styling Academy launched in 2015 where Caseys expertise in Personal Styling and Fashion Styling are now shared with students on her one to one and group training courses and consulting packages with major retailers including the leading luxury department store Harrods.

Claudia Manchanda

Claudia Manchanda

Medical Herbalist and Lecturer

Claudia is a medical herbalist and lecturer. Through optimal nutrition and herbal medicine, she specialises in supporting people emotionally and physically who have or have had cancer. She has also worked for a decade teaching healthy cooking in community settings. Prior to this she was a lecturer in biomedical sciences and herbal medicine. The network session was an introduction to herbal medicine and support for cancer with medical herbalist Claudia Manchanda. An interactive herbal learning and trying session.

Sophie Clyde

Sophie Clyde

Yoga Teacher and Reflexologist

Sophie’s introduction to yoga came as a result of postural problems that began to affect her during her final year at Newcastle University and she was immediately struck by the transformative physical and mental benefits. After achieving a first class honours degree in Fine Art/History of Art, she decided to pursue yoga further by qualifying as a teacher and then taught in North America, Nicaragua and in Southern India where she explored many lineages from Hatha to Vinyasa.  During her travels Sophie continued to pursue her passion for art and design.

Sophie’s passion is working with teenagers using yoga as a tool to work through stress and trauma, she trained with Hala Kouri, an expert in Somatic psychology for young people. She is accredited by Yoga Alliance and trained in First Aid.

Sophie is wholeheartedly committed to uplifting people’s quality of life for the long term, just as Yoga and Reflexology has done for her.

Denisa Ratulea

Denisa Ratulea

Health Coach & Raw Food Chef

Denisa Ratulea is a Health Coach and Raw Food Chef. She is the founder of Second Nature and the author of Bloom – The Cookbook. Second Nature’s purpose is to educate on the subjects of wellness and healthy living, delivering talks, raw food classes and retreats across the UK and Europe. Denisa helps busy people make health and energy their second nature by simplifying healthy eating and creating bespoke plans.

After years of living in pain, due to severe scoliosis, Denisa started her journey in order to heal her back, reduce inflammation and prepare for spinal surgery by adopting an alkaline, plant-based lifestyle that transformed her life. She went from being sedentary and often in pain, to a complete makeover, losing over 15kg, performing various sports and finishing her first Triathlon while still having metal rods and screws in her spine. Denisa embarked on a learning path, with a mission to explore and experiment with food and nutrition in order to find what works best for us in the 21st century. She is now helping others rediscover their health potential and fall in love with healthy eating.

Emily Jenkins

Emily Jenkins

Dance Artist & Teacher

Emily is a community dance artist who creates projects and facilitates dance sessions for a variety of participant groups across London, mainly working with adults. In early 2016 she launched a project called Move Dance Feel, offering weekly dance and movement sessions to women affected by cancer. The project has proved very successful, bringing about a variety of benefits for the women involved and subsequently she has been able to partner with a community Centre to keep the project going. Alongside the 2016 project Emily conducted research to see if and how the dance sessions would prove beneficial for participants, and may contribute to a greater sense of wellbeing.

I contacted Victoria’s Promise a few weeks after I was diagnosed and I’ve been so grateful for the support I’ve received. Through the women’s network, I’ve met a great bunch of women who are going through the same things. Meeting them has helped me feel more normal, it’s helped me feel like I’m not an unusual statistic but that I’m part of a group of great women. It’s a privilege to be a part of the community. We’ve had fantastic sessions covering things like mindfulness, yoga, nutrition and chemical-free beauty products.


VP Beneficiary

Once a month we come together usually to have a talk or demonstration. The women’s network provides an opportunity to get together to socialise, and to learn something that will help us in our everyday lives. I’ve realised there are lots of people out there who want to help. Cancer doesn’t just affect me. When I receive support it helps me to fill up my tank to give back to others. The network groups are always something to look forward to, so each month you know something good is going to happen.


VP Beneficiary

Having a women’s support group is invaluable at a time when you have anxiety from cancer. It is very difficult for family and friends to understand what you’re going through, however well intentioned they are. I found the other women in our group provided this understanding without having to say very much at all. Meet ups are fun and positive and leave me feeling positive about the weeks and months to come. Through discussion and support from each other we can learn about and try out new ideas that will improve the quality of our lives. Cancer can be isolating but it doesn’t have to be that way!


VP Beneficiary

It’s good to know I’m not the only one going through cancer at a young age. In the group we get to meet up together and we have an activity to look forward to, it’s good fun and you’re learning something new. We don’t just sit around and talk about cancer, very often it doesn’t get bought up. It’s a nice friendly atmosphere and everything we’ve learnt so far has been really good and positive. I’ve certainly changed my lifestyle since coming to the network.


VP Beneficiary

The VP Women’s Network is a special group with an open arms policy to any young ladies who may benefit. We look forward to hearing from you if you’d like to find out more, join the fun or volunteer to be involved in some way. Thank you.

Sophie Trew

Personal Care Co-ordinator , Victoria's Promise