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Vegan Pancake Recipe

Vegan pancakes are so easy to make and taste delicious. We've created a quick and simple recipe below, just in time for Pancake Day! Ingredients 1 cup self-raising flour 1 tbsp custard powder 1 tbsp caster sugar 1 cup soya milk 6 tbsp whipped aquafaba Instructions...

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“My Promise” a welcome from your new General Manager

I’m allergic to suffering, any form of suffering. When I heard that VP’s Vision was to reduce suffering for those journeying through cancer, to be a force of cancer prevention and to promote well-being and quality of life, I wanted to learn much more… I learnt that...

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Sun Shines for VP’s First Annual Golf Day

The first Victoria’s Promise annual golf day was a swinging success. On Thursday 8th September we welcomed eight teams to Wokefield Park. The game began after breakfast rolls and a team captain huddle for the Stableford rules. Following team photos on the first hole...

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how your funds directly help


Pays for an oncology counselling session, helping women deal with treatment and diagnosis.


Pays for a specialist oncology massage, with specialist oils and techniques.


Pays for a chemotherapy skincare and make-up treatment, tutorial and starter kit.


Pays for a high quality, breathable wig.


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Run, jump, bake, cycle, dance or be creative and become a Victoria’s Promise fundraiser. Whether your target is big or small, you will be making a huge difference. We will support you in your efforts and help you reach your goal. VP have witnessed some incredible individual and group achievements in raising money and awareness for women suffering with cancer. Do something positive today. Become a VP Fundraiser. Click Here

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Victoria’s Promise are always on the look out for people willing to offer their valuable time to help. We could always do with a hand manning stalls at events, as well as looking for volunteers to help us with our supportive services that we offer as part of our initiatives. If you feel you have a skill that you can offer, or simply time you can donate. Please register as one of our volunteers. Click Here

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Here at Victoria’s Promise we are always creating fun, local and national campaigns for our wonderful community of supporters to get involved in. From U.K wide Victoria Sponge bake off’s to New Year’s Make a promise make a difference initiatives. Keep an eye on our campaigns and see how to be a part of them. Click Here

Victoria's Promise

The Victoria’s Promise charity was founded to fulfil a promise; a promise of someone so brave, caring and warm that it has inspired a movement – that person is Victoria Van der Westhuizen. Having lost her father and grandmother to cancer and watched her mother battle through to eventually beat it, Victoria vowed to fight back. Tragically, before she was given the opportunity to achieve her goals and just two months after diagnosis, Vicki lost her own valiant battle with the disease. Victoria’s Promise now stands as a beacon of light and hope; a legacy to continue the care and warmth that Victoria embodied.

After Victoria’s family saw first-hand the struggles that young women face during chemotherapy, as well as the aspects of care that were being overlooked, it was clear that supporting these brave young women was an area in which they could make a positive difference. 

How we help

Victoria’s Promise have dedicated themselves to providing care in areas that are currently grossly under catered for. Women facing cancer treatment face a variety of challenges over and beyond the already daunting prospect of medical care and diagnosis. We aim to alleviate those concerns, by providing vital support in areas such as specialist skin care, chemotherapy beauticians, wig funding and counselling and advice services.

Victoria’s Promise and their partners are pioneering training and supportive services so that we can hand hold young women throughout their cancer journey and give them every chance of the best possible outcome. Whilst ensuring the journey back to health is as small an ordeal as it possibly can be.

Oncology Massage

Along with our skin-care partner “Beauty despite cancer, Jennifer Young” we provide specially trained therapist qualified in oncology specific massage. As well as helping to rejuvenate the skin these massages are designed to be both relaxing and calming. With the well-being of people in treatment being of the utmost importance, these therapies provide sanctuary and respite from the strains of cancer and treatment.

Wig Funding

Losing your hair can be a particularly frightening and challenging and time for anyone. Some chemotherapies induce hair-loss.  When this occurs some patients may find it hard to source a comfortable, breathable and aesthetically pleasing wig. They may also have some financial barriers when trying to purchase a wig of high enough quality. Victoria’s Promise helps to both source and fund high quality tailored wigs so the women we work with can feel a little more like themselves and not every day has to be one where they feel like a patient.

Counselling & Advice

Mentally, a cancer diagnosis is a frightening and daunting ordeal. Having emotional support and guidance for young women and their families when they need it is imperative. Specially selected counsellors to help guide women through their treatment are supplied, as well as extending the availability of dietetic support.

Specialist Skincare

During chemotherapy skin can be dry, sore and sensitive. This can cause a lot of psychological and physical discomfort. Along with our skin care partners Defiant Beauty, we supply and treat women undergoing treatment with a specially developed skin care range – a range that is free of the chemicals that can be found in other products and is specifically designed to help with the skin changes caused by chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy Beauticians

Another challenge faced when undergoing treatment is eyelashes and eyebrows when hair loss occurs; also knowing which make-up products to use and which not to, as well as knowing which may irritate the skin. Along with our make-up partner Jane Iredale, we have make-up artists trained in oncological make-up. We also use and supply women in treatment with organic and chemical free make-up. Skilled beauticians not only provide a make over, but tutorials and the products to go away with.

We need to reach more ladies with our services!

Currently supporting women in Basingstoke & North Hants Hospital with the in-depth services. We are doing all we can to reach more hospitals with these vital services. To help us get there.. please support our cause.

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