Can you think of ways to reduce your cancer risk? We all know smoking is one of the leading causes of the disease. Quitting can be a challenge but the benefits are vast. Then there are factors like reducing your alcohol intake, and ditching fizzy soda drinks packed full of harmful chemicals like aspartame.

We recently shared 15 Cancer Prevention tips with you. These tips of course aren’t a guarantee you’ll live a cancer-free life. Equally those that do get ill with cancer certainly shouldn’t feel self-blame either as there are many things out of our control. There are some things we can take control of though to give ourselves the best chances of having a strong immune system, feeling well and safeguarding our future health.

Preventing cancer is one of the biggest breakthroughs we can make to reduce case statistics. We can all reduce our risk of chronic diseases with some simple lifestyle changes. It can be an effort at first, but with 90-95% of cancers said to be the result of a toxic build up from our environment and lifestyles- it’s worth it.

Our daily choices can all amount over time either helping or harming us. Good health is said to be a combination of what we think, what we drink, what we do and what we eat. At Victoria’s Promise we know how tricky it can be to recover from a serious condition.

We hope you may feel inspired to try one of these tips or to make some lifestyle swaps. Even small changes have a big impact. If you missed any of the Prevention series, here’s a round up of each tip:

  • 11 Ways to reduce radiation. The World Health Organisation has classified radiation from personal devices as a ‘possible human carcinogen’. We’re constantly connected to wireless technologies and Wi-Fi. Some changes to protect us include: using an ear piece or speaker phone; making calls when you have good signal or battery levels; putting your phone on airplane mode when you sleep; keeping children under 12 away from devices; keep devices off your body; look into earthing and signal harmonisers. (Read More Here)
  • 14 Ways to Beat Stress and Feel Happier. Our mind-body connections are strong and our thoughts can have a powerful impact on us physically. They’ve even been proven to impact our DNA. Learning to manage stress; be kind to yourself; celebrate life; be grateful; make time for yourself and those you love and deal with negative thoughts can be hugely beneficial. (Read More Here)
  • Exercises to Prevent Cancer. We were born to move! Our sedentary lifestyles are a leading cause of all major diseases. Moving your body each day is so important. It gets our blood pumping to move toxins, boosts our immune systems and increases oxygen levels in the body – all key parts in cancer prevention. Check out this post for some tips on how to add more movement into your week. (Read More Here)
  • Why we need Vitamin D to prevent cancer. Sunshine provides us with a hormone that is essential for our health. Many cancer patients have low levels of Vitamin D. It’s an essential factor in cancer prevention and it’s one of the most common vitamin deficiencies we have. Low levels of Vitamin Dare linked to a weakened immune system, depression and chronic diseases like cancer. (Read More Here)
  • How to Breathe for Better Health. The world’s best detox is breathing in fresh oxygen, deeply and slowly. Cancer cells are deoxygenated; they survive in the presence of no oxygen. When we breathe out we release 70% of toxins from our bodies. Many of us aren’t breathing properly- but there’s good news and a few simple ways we can boost our oxygen levels. (Read More Here)
  • Why we need Water- 10 Hydration Tips. The most common reason for tiredness is lack of water. Without water, life on Earth wouldn’t exist. It’s essential to our health and keeping hydrated can help us detoxify and strengthen our immune systems. One of the easiest, but most effective things you can do for good health is to drink enough water. (Read More Here)
  • Nutrition and Cancer- Why Food Matters. It’s our enjoyment and fuel, yet it can be an overwhelming topic with conflicting advice. With new fads popping up it can be hard to know what to eat! When we break things down, sticking to the basics- fresh, local, seasonal, whole foods are so important. Food from nature can be medicine. When it gets processed and packaged it’s full of chemicals. Many we can’t pronounce and putting these into our bodies can be like poison in the long term. (Read More Here)
  • Chemical-Free Cleaning Products. We’ve all been there when someone spills red wine on the carpet and suggests putting white wine on it to remove the stains. But did you know Vodka is a disinfectant that can remove red wine stains? This tip is on chemical-free cleaning products and alternatives we can use to reduce our toxic loads. We don’t have control over the pollutants we come into contact with in the atmosphere, but prevention can start in your home. (Read More Here)
  • 10 Ways to Boost your Immune System. When our immune systems are functioning properly our bodies have no other option but to stay healthy. A healthy immune system is so essential in cancer prevention. Our immune systems are fascinating and everyday they are working to protect trillions of cells in our body from attack. There are ways your can boost your immune system today. (Read More Here)
  • Mindfulness and how to become more present. One of the secrets to great health is to live in the present! Mindfulness is something we can train our brains to do and by doing so we can learn to manage stress, increase happiness and worry less. We can notice why we’re getting stressed by becoming more engaged with our thoughts. This is all about learning steps to stop holding onto the past or worrying about the future. (Read More and Watch Video Here)
  • What’s wrong with GMO’s? Do we really know what’s in the food we eat and what impact are these GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) having on our health? Shopping locally, reading labels, and knowing what to watch out for can help us. (Read More Here)
  • International Women’s Day- 5 Cancer Prevention Tips. This tip has a special focus on women’s cancer, signs to watch out for and prevention advice. (Read More Here)
  • Healthy Cooking Tips- Cancer Prevention. Non-stick may be a cooking dream, but it also means more chemicals. In our kitchens we are often exposed to dangerous chemicals our bodies are not used to. Ditching non-stick cookware and changing it for ceramic, stainless steel or glass is a great step to setting yourself, and your family up for better long-term health. (Read More Here)
  • Why we need to detox and 10 ways to detox– Detoxing- should we be doing it, and if so, how? Detoxification has been around for thousands of years. Two major causes of cancer: Toxicity (toxic overload syndrome) and nutritional deficiencies. (Read More Here)
  • Non- toxic personal care products. How many products do we use without knowing what chemicals are in them? Looking at the ingredients of mainstream products can be shocking. The personal care industry makes billions a year- women use an average of 12 products daily. It takes 26 seconds for anything we put on our skin to enter the bloodstream. (Watch Video Here)

This list of tips is certainly not definitive but hopefully it shows there are ways to live healthier, happier lives. Being healthy doesn’t have to be restrictive, we’re here to enjoy ourselves, but life’s too short to spend it ill in bed.

There is a lot of fear associated with cancer; it’s a scary disease that can leave us feeling helpless. From research and evidence, in many cases we are not helpless, even when we are ill there are things we can do. Many people only think about their health or realise its importance when they get ill. Educating ourselves, our children, friends and families about little lifestyle swaps will make a big difference.

We’d love to know what you thought about these tips and whether you’d like to see more posts like these from us in the future?

Sophie TrewAuthor

Sophie Trew

Personal Care Manager

Sophie knows first hand the difficulties people face when they get a cancer diagnosis. As a trained journalist, after a lymphoma diagnosis at the age of 23 her research head went into overdrive. During an intensive six months of chemo she found having a focus and creating a multi-stage recovery plan gave her a real sense of determination. Realising there are big gaps in practical support in primary care and knowing there are things we can do to prevent and recover from cancer, she wants to share everything she’s learnt. Her belief is that in many cases cancer happens as a multi-stage process and to recover we need to be focusing on a number of different areas. While each individual is different, these include: diet, exercises, detoxification and cultivating a healthy mental attitude. She strongly believes we are three parts in synergy mind, body and spirit. An integrative cancer care approach combining conventional and other holistic treatments is important. Sophie hopes sharing information and having a conversation will empower people to take an active role in their health.

*The views shared in this post are not necessarily shared by the Victoria’s Promise Charity and are the independent writing’s of the author.