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Date: 28th March 2018
Time: 18:30-20:30
Location: Christchurch, Chineham (RG24 8LT)
Topic: An Introduction to Qi Gong. Qi Gong (often spelt Chi Kung) is a powerful type of health exercise, which has been practised for centuries. It is based on repetitions of very precise sets of movements, specifically designed to benefit health on many different levels.
Speaker: This month we are excited to have Senior Aikido Coach, Simon Thackeray who has had over 25 years experience in teaching martial arts joining us to lead a Qi Gong demonstration.
What you will need: All you need to bring is yourself and clothes you feel comfortable in. Simon suggests wearing flat soled shoes or socks during the session.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Please email gabby@victorias-promise.org for more information on the sessions.

The VP Women’s Network is a special group with an open arms policy to any young ladies who currently have cancer or recently had cancer, who may benefit. The VP Team look forward to hearing from you if you’d like to find out more, join the fun or volunteer to be involved in some way. Thank you.

Sophie Trew

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The Victoria’s Promise Women’s Network

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Women's Meetups & Events

We welcome new members aged 18-40 who are going through cancer treatment, or recovering to join our friendly women’s network. Cancer can be isolating, but it doesn’t have to be. Connecting with like minded women and realising you’re not alone can be a great help. Each month we have a fun, relaxed meet up with the aim of socialising, learning new skills and enjoying activities. Each meet up we have a different speaker, activity, advice and the chance to make new friends.

This group is innovative in its holistic cancer education style. Expect everything from yoga, talks on nutrition, mindfulness, aromatherapy, non toxic beauty tips, art therapy and more. The group is run by our women’s network for the network, everyone is welcome to suggest activities. We currently meet in a local Basingstoke venue. If you you or anyone you know would like to join we’d love to meet you.

Support Services

We offer a range of services to support young women going through cancer treatment. VP have a very caring and passionate core team offering their skills to help with the emotional, physical and mental aspects of cancer.

We have specially trained, oncology specific Therapists and Beauticians. Offering massage, individual make up tutorials to help make adjustments to the effects of chemotherapy and to make large improvements in overall wellbeing, hugely vital when trying to successfully combat cancer. We have specialists counselling and coaching services, to support emotional needs and we fund high quality, tailored wigs. We have recently added a cleaning service to our support range for those who are going through chemotherapy.


Cancer education is a large part of our support focus. We feel it is an essential aspect in learning to live with the disease and recover with vitality. With knowledge we can be equipped to create our own ‘back to health’ plan.

There are great benefits that come from making certain lifestyle changes while going through treatment and beyond. Our online ‘Help Hub’ has lifestyle tips on prevention, during treatment and post treatment. We have access to a wider network of professionals whether someone wants to connect with a nutritionist, herbalist or a professional offering complementary services. We are continually researching and learning to provide the best information and contacts we can.

Our Speakers


Jane Wilkinson

Jane Wilkinson

The Body Mentor: Yoga Teacher & Biomechanics Coach

Jane trained in Musical Theatre at The Arts Educational Schools and then pursued a career as a showgirl. At the age of 25 she was involved in a major car crash, luckily after 2 years of rehabilitation and determination, she recovered and so began her next career path in the fitness industry.
Over the last 20 years Jane has trained and taught many different disciplines, including aqua, swimming, yoga and biomechanics.   As a Body MOT/Fitness Coach she uses health tests and measures. Through these she creates realistic, measurable goals for clients and designs bespoke health & wellbeing packages.
Jane’s aim is to inspire and encourage people to become more aware of their bodies from the inside to the outside, creating more discipline, awareness and confidence of their health and wellbeing. She uses the physical aspects of yoga to lead and create a class through a mindful flow, releasing, strengthening and stretching the body.
Lillian Klein

Lillian Klein

Nutrition Expert : BSC Nutritional Science & Post Graduate Nutritional Therapy

Lillian has a first class honours degree in Nutritional Science and a postgraduate qualification in Nutritional Therapy.   She is registered with The British Association for applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).  Having trained with Penny Brohn in Bristol, adopting their Whole Body approach. It is this approach that Lillian uses with most of her cancer clients.  She is passionate about the healing power of food and inspire those around me with my enthusiasm towards healthy living.

Lillian feels strongly that our health is not entirely predetermined, that the key to how we look and feel and our overall wellbeing, is the food we eat and the lifestyles we lead. Modern day living brings poor diet, stress and pollution, all of which contribute to the depletion of essential nutrients. Left unchecked, our interconnected body systems can become depleted of nutrients, which may result in a host of health complaints. Symptoms, however small, should never be ignored as they  tell us that one or more of the bodies systems is out of balance. Nutritional therapy looks to identify the cause of dis-ease rather than suppressing the symptoms. Given the right foods and nutrients, the body has a remarkable capacity for restoring and maintaining itself.

Katy Downs

Katy Downs

Art Therapist

Katy qualified as an art therapist in 2002. She has worked in a variety of settings such as hospice day care and adult mental health, but now primarily works with children in school settings. She also has a private practice based in Windsor.

Katy believes in the power of art to help people explore their feelings and communicate. When times are difficult art can be meditative and relaxing. She says that one of the things about using art is that, when left to use words for expression, people will often say what they know; people can be adept at saying what they are comfortable saying, or the words that they think are acceptable and/or right.

Making art and all the choices within that process can allow the person to have control at a time when many other choices are limited through illness. Art therapy can also allow the client to take on the role of artist rather than patient.

Steph Walters

Steph Walters

Career and Confidence Coach

Steph Walters is a Career and Confidence Coach. She specialises in helping people at a crossroads in their career to build the confidence to go for what they really want. Steph believes that the route to building self-confidence or self-esteem lies in understanding, valuing and playing to your natural strengths and qualities.

Steph also believes that is it possible to do work that you love and pay the mortgage! This belief enabled her to achieve a long-standing career goal to coach and develop the leaders in the UK’s largest retailer, Tesco. It was however this same belief, coupled with a significant shift in her mindset, that enabled Steph to leave that job (and her 11-year stint in corporate life) to set up her own coaching business, which she’s now been running for 6 years.

George Longland

George Longland

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Clinical Hypnotherapist, George Longland. studied hypnotherapy ten years ago with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis. Registered with the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, she welcomes clients into her home clinic in Alton, providing a positive environment for therapy. In the network George led a gentle and relaxing session of hypnosis to help look at changes the group may like to make in their lives. Hypnosis can be very effective, whether you would like to be healthier, be more calm, worry less, accept yourself a bit more, deal with anxiety, change career, be less judgemental, have more confidence, start running, find more energy or motivation.


Lindsey Jadeja

Lindsey Jadeja

Health Coach and Trained Vegan Cook

Lindsey wears many hats as a trained health coach, mental health nurse, juicing expert and vegan chef. She went into integrative nutrition and coaching after supporting her Mum through cancer. “Having exhausted all the conventional means of treatment, my Mum sought out what had worked for others. Overnight she radically changed her diet to a mainly raw, plant-based way of eating. What followed, amazed us all. Within 4 weeks, cancer could not be found in her body; drug induced diabetes had gone; high blood pressure dropped into a normal range and excess weight began to fall. This remarkable turn around in health delivered her nine more months of life, six more than previously predicted. I truly believe her body would have been much stronger if she had made these changes sooner.” “What I saw left me in no doubt, at the root of all health must be good food and a balanced lifestyle that allows our bodies to function at an optimal level. To protect our health and live life fully we must seek to find what works for us.”

Denisa Ratulea

Denisa Ratulea

Health Coach & Raw Food Chef

Denisa Ratulea is a Health Coach and Raw Food Chef. She is the founder of Second Nature and the author of Bloom – The Cookbook. Second Nature’s purpose is to educate on the subjects of wellness and healthy living, delivering talks, raw food classes and retreats across the UK and Europe. Denisa helps busy people make health and energy their second nature by simplifying healthy eating and creating bespoke plans.

After years of living in pain, due to severe scoliosis, Denisa started her journey in order to heal her back, reduce inflammation and prepare for spinal surgery by adopting an alkaline, plant-based lifestyle that transformed her life. She went from being sedentary and often in pain, to a complete makeover, losing over 15kg, performing various sports and finishing her first Triathlon while still having metal rods and screws in her spine. Denisa embarked on a learning path, with a mission to explore and experiment with food and nutrition in order to find what works best for us in the 21st century. She is now helping others rediscover their health potential and fall in love with healthy eating.

Penny Metcalf

Penny Metcalf

Mindfulness Coach

Penny designs and delivers bespoke mindfulness sessions to enable adults and children to maintain a sense of calm in difficult circumstances. She demonstrates easily learned techniques to help manage stress and anxiety. This has been particularly successful when she developed an introduction to mindfulness that taught children to recognise and manage stress and strong emotions, both at home and school. The school children reported that their mindfulness sessions made a significant impact on their ability to deal with challenges in a wide variety of situations.

Penny works as a volunteer and professionally to promote physically and mentally healthy lifestyles. She recently helped set up an inclusive running club that provides effective training and supportive company to runners of all levels. She also teaches new and nervous swimmers, developing their skills and water confidence, and provides exercise classes in water to encourage movement and mobility in people of all ages and physical abilities.

Lisa Bowman-Hood

Lisa Bowman-Hood

Lead VP Therapist

Lisa was trained in Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology, with further training as a Make-up Artist with Linda Meredith, a name synonymous within the beauty industry and Jemma Kidd Make-up Academy in London.  She has been in the Health and Beauty industry for nearly 30 years working in training and management for companies such as Roc, Gatineau, Clinique and E’spa.  Her work with E’spa took her to Hong Kong to manage the prestigious E’spa private members spa at the Pacific Club, Kowloon. Her career spans beauty therapy,  spa management, training and running her own beauty business.

With a passion for making people look and feel special, supported and complete, her approach is always bespoke to the needs of her clients.  Lisa feels privileged to now be working in the specialised area of oncology beauty therapy, massage and make-up to help and support young women who are battling cancer. Lisa is able to provide highly individualised treatments through Victoria’s Promise to combat, nurture and support them in their process.

Emily Hodge

Emily Hodge

Life Coach, Health & Wellbeing Specialist

Emily is an ex-NHS and charity professional who supports people after cancer and other challenges and changes. She does this with:
Live webinars on moving forward from cancer. Interactive videos and interviews with professionals and patients in the
health, wellbeing and coaching industry. Workshops on change and resilience. Private 1-2- 1 sessions using coaching, NLP and other tools for individual to learn ways to move forward independently and confidently.

Her own experience of cancer when she was 30, as well as her professional qualifications, drive the passion she has for her work. She partners, writes for and works with other prestigious organisations like Macmillan Cancer Support, Shine, Trekstock and the Fountain Centre charity in Surrey to promote the ‘life after cancer’ awareness message.
Emily lives in Surrey with her husband, dog and cats and loves running, mindfulness and resting as part of, but also when not, working

Casey Paul

Casey Paul

Celebrity Stylist

” My mission is to teach, motivate and inspire women to be the most supreme version of themselves outside and inside and for them to sprinkle their supremacy by teaching others to do the same ” – Casey Paul

Casey Paul graduated from university with a degree in law, however it wasn’t long before she realised her true passion lay within fashion and in 2008 began to pursue a career in this field with the launch of her female clothing brand, The Little Wardrobe which can be found in UK concessions.

Now an expert in colour and body shape analysis, Casey has become an accomplished personal and celebrity stylist and shopper. She is also a fashion stylist and consultant working in London and USA and previously was the Style Editor for the mens magazine Loaded. When Casey is not with her personal shopping clients and wardrobe detoxing you will find her styling celebrities for red carpet events, many who make the best dressed lists such as GQ. With her vast expertise she is now a listed fashion consultant for CNN London, appearing on live news contributing to fashion related stories.

The Casey Paul Styling Academy launched in 2015 where Caseys expertise in Personal Styling and Fashion Styling are now shared with students on her one to one and group training courses and consulting packages with major retailers including the leading luxury department store Harrods.

I contacted Victoria’s Promise a few weeks after I was diagnosed and I’ve been so grateful for the support I’ve received. Through the women’s network, I’ve met a great bunch of women who are going through the same things. Meeting them has helped me feel more normal, it’s helped me feel like I’m not an unusual statistic but that I’m part of a group of great women. It’s a privilege to be a part of the community. We’ve had fantastic sessions covering things like mindfulness, yoga, nutrition and chemical-free beauty products.


VP Beneficiary

Once a month we come together usually to have a talk or demonstration. The women’s network provides an opportunity to get together to socialise, and to learn something that will help us in our everyday lives. I’ve realised there are lots of people out there who want to help. Cancer doesn’t just affect me. When I receive support it helps me to fill up my tank to give back to others. The network groups are always something to look forward to, so each month you know something good is going to happen.


VP Beneficiary

Having a women’s support group is invaluable at a time when you have anxiety from cancer. It is very difficult for family and friends to understand what you’re going through, however well intentioned they are. I found the other women in our group provided this understanding without having to say very much at all. Meet ups are fun and positive and leave me feeling positive about the weeks and months to come. Through discussion and support from each other we can learn about and try out new ideas that will improve the quality of our lives. Cancer can be isolating but it doesn’t have to be that way!


VP Beneficiary

It’s good to know I’m not the only one going through cancer at a young age. In the group we get to meet up together and we have an activity to look forward to, it’s good fun and you’re learning something new. We don’t just sit around and talk about cancer, very often it doesn’t get bought up. It’s a nice friendly atmosphere and everything we’ve learnt so far has been really good and positive. I’ve certainly changed my lifestyle since coming to the network.


VP Beneficiary