This weeks blog post is an exciting introduction, which also happens to be our very own story of serendipity.

In April 2017, our trustee and co-founder Alex, spoke at a function for entrepreneurs, on the subject of why success is so directly linked to our health. In the audience, was a lady called Louisa. Louisa attended the event like most of the others in the room, because she wanted to start and grow her own business.

But Louisa was also dealing with a cancer scare that she was trying to forget about, meaning the last thing she wanted to sit and listen to for 45 minutes was how to prevent illness and promote life. After Alex’s speech, and hearing of Victoria’s Promise and the work we do, Louisa felt less scared and alone, giving her the boost she needed to go and see her doctor.

After some tests, Louisa was diagnosed with breast cancer. But she also discovered that she was in the catchment area for VP, meaning we could support her through her cancer journey, bringing her closer to Alex and the rest of the team here at Victoria’s Promise.

Fast forward to the beginning of this year, our gorgeous Sophie Trew hands in her notice, as she takes some time out from the charity space to go and explore the world, currently residing in sunny Thailand.

So when we began looking for someone to replace Sophie as the Women’s Network Ambassador, we couldn’t think of anyone more perfect and fitting for the role, then Louisa.

Louisa’s enthusiasm and zest for life is contagious. One of the most exciting changes she has put in place within VP, is reintroducing our Women’s Network as “The VP Affinity” – Connecting and Empowering Young Women Affected By Cancer. She is also in the process of creating a community on Facebook, where women from all over can share stories and support each other. We feel very excited to see which direction she takes the community into.

Name: Louisa Gordon
Which three words describe you best? Friendly, supportive and funny (I like to think so anyway!)
What is your greatest achievement? I bought a mare who was branded dangerous, uncatchable and useless, she was about to be sold to the meat man. I bought her, raised her confidence, gave her the time she needed, retrained her and discovered a beautiful mare underneath it all. I successfully re-homed her to a lovely family who love and adore her!
Who is the most inspirational person to you? Beyonce!
What do you love about working for VP? I love being part of such an amazing and forward thinking team in an area that can really make a difference. I know what helped me through my cancer journey and being able to grow and evolve this to help so many others is really exciting!