When Abel and Cole said they were going to sponsor their new booster bundle and donate £1 for every one sold to Victoria’s Promise, I got really excited!  The ingredients in the booster bundle pack such a powerful anti-cancer punch! It’s a great bundle!

I’m not saying these herbs and spices are a miracle cure, there are so many more foods out there that are amazing too, but eating a wide variety of all sorts of spices, herbs and the full rainbow of fruit and veg along with fermented foods will go a long way to filling your diet with the right stuff.

I wanted to dive into the health benefits of this amazing Booster Bundle as some of the properties are just astounding!  


“Spice up your life” as the Spice Girls used to say… Are you singing that song in your head now too?  Good that makes 2 of us!

Spices in general contain many anti-cancer properties and actually contain more antioxidants than any other food!  Take humble yet delicious cinnamon for example, it has one of the highest antioxidant contents of the entire vegetable world!  Hows that for a title?

Weight for weight cinnamon has 25 times more antioxidants then blueberries!!  It is a good job blueberries have a lot of other qualities going for them too or they could be out of a job!

Cinnamon has also been shown to stop cancer tumours forming a blood supply which is amazing.  Although Cinnamon is not in the booster bundle, I was so impressed with it I just couldn’t leave it out! Its your Booster Blog Bonus 😀

anti-cancer diet


Ginger is just as interesting, it contains an active chemical called gingerol which has anti-cancer properties and has been used in medicine for thousands of years.  Ginger has powerful antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties.

Ginger can encourage cancer cells to self destruct (apoptosis) regulate the cell cycle and  can inhibit the cancer tumour from gaining blood vessels to feed itself.  Amazing stuff!

If you are going through chemo and feel nauseous, ginger can help reduce this.  It also can help fight infections which is so important when your immunity is low.  It has been shown to inhibit the growth of many types of bacteria and some viruses.


It is said that the limonoids in lemons have anti-cancer properties.  They contain 11 compounds which are toxic to Breast Cancer cells and can block the enzyme which converts women’s male hormones to oestrogen. The cancer protector limonene is found in the skin so zesting them is excellent. Limonene can also cause cancer cells to self destruct.

anti-cancer dietWhen drunk with green tea,  they boost the tea’s EGCC’s effectiveness and this combination can reduce the risk of Breast Cancer by 26%.  They are an amazing fruit actually the whole citrus family is!  

Citrus fruit have high levels of vitamin C and have 60 different polyphenols and oranges have been hailed as ‘a complete package of every class of natural anti-cancer inhibitor known’ by the American National Cancer Institute.

Hesperidin and naringenin in citrus have been shown to stop the growth of breast cancer cells too, especially when combined with quern (found in red onions, I have a recipe for this don’t work!) 


This spice has be described as “Staggering” for its anti-cancer effects by one cancer centre!  It is hailed as the most potent natural anti-inflammatory substance discovered! Its amazing active ingredient is curcumin.

It is a powerful antioxidant, can inhibit the growth of blood supply to tumours, has been shown to stop metastasis in prostate cancer and many studies show it causes cancer cell death.

anti-cancer dietContaining 24 anti cancer compounds including 6 different COX-2 inhibitors it is certainly pretty special.  The COX-2 enzyme promotes inflammation and affects cancer in various ways, Turmeric inhibits this enzyme! 

It can also lower cholesterol, helps arthritis and also makes receptors less sensitive to oestrogen in the breast so it slows down the cancer cell devision.

It is difficult for the body to absorb though it needs some fat to help absorption and also some black pepper to keep it in your system (otherwise it leaves your system after 4 hours).  

When you drink green tea with a meal containing turmeric (or put a good slice in the tea) they synergise together, massively boosting each others effectiveness against cancerous cells by nearly 8 times! 

Turmeric is a fantastic ingredient for curries,  soups, omelettes and all sorts! Coconut milk turmeric lattes are my favourite… What is your favourite way to use it?


Poor Old Parsley… its over looked and misunderstood.  How many times have you been served a dish with the parsley garnish only to pluck it from the top and to let it wilt miserably at the side of your plate? Guilty here!

It has a strong taste, but used in the right places it can make a dish fantastic!  Parsley has some ridiculously good properties going  for it!  Herbs are so often over looked, but they often pack a more powerful punch then most foods.anti-cancer diet

The best compound in Parsley is apigenin.  This has anti-cancer properties which has been shown to slow down and even shrink cancer tumours by starving the cancer of a blood supply.  (Apigenin is also found in broccoli, tomatoes, cherries and tea). Mint has also been shown to do this (also in the Booster Bundle).

Another great compound is luteolin which inhibits the growth of oestrogen-negative breast cancer sells and is a rich source of Vitamin K which helps keep healthy bones.

Parsley contains Flavones which can actually scavenge harmful chemicals from your blood!  They protect from dementia and the folate is essential for good DNA repair and replication.  As the path of cancer often starts at the DNA replication phase, this is a great herb to help assist your DNA and help prevent illness.

My favourite use is in a mushroom risotto, it just isn’t the same without it!  It is great in tabbouleh, soups and curries too, but what is your favourite way to use it?

It all adds up

There are many other amazing foods that have anti-cancer benefits which I will share with you soon too, these are a great start, but by upping all spices, herbs and variety in everything you eat, you will then be getting a broad benefit from everything.

It is often the small differences in your day that add up to make all the difference to your health.  Here at Victoria’s Promise we believe great food leads to great health, which is why we teamed up with the utterly lovely Abel and Cole who are not only donating £1 for every Brilliant Booster Bundle sold to Victoria’s Promise, but are also donating a huge £35 with every new customer sign up who puts “Victoria’s Promise” into the sign up form!  

Getting the veg boxes made all the difference for me and it has helped me eat a more varied diet because my kitchen is always well stocked with things I might just not have bought before!  Sign up with Abel and Cole today and give them a try, you will not only be helping your health in a great way, but you will also be directly supporting young women though cancer and making a huge difference.

We appreciate all of your support and thank you for all your help.


Written by Louisa Gordon

Women’s Network Ambassador and Partnerships Co-ordinator




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