Victoria’s Promise have been chosen as one of 200 local UK charities to receive a #RedCupCheer grant from Starbucks UK and How much we receive is up to you!

How, you ask? Let me tell you! Between Monday 16th November and Sunday 6th December we need you to make as much noise on social media as you possibly can! You can do this by tweeting (make sure you include @theVPcharity and #RedCupCheer in your tweets), asking your followers to retweet you, follow our neighbourly project and share it on social media.

The charities that make the most noise will be rewarded with £1000, and the runners up will receive £500. Both amounts will make a significant difference to someone’s life.

So please help us and make as much noise as you can!

I’m supporting to win a grant from !! Please RT to help support young women through cancer.